The House on the Borderland

Title: The House on the Borderland

Author: William Hope Hodgson

Series Editor: Colin J.E. Lupton

ISBN-10: 0981224466

ISBN-13: 978-0-9812244-6-6

Format: Paperback, 5x8"

Pages: 196

SMRP: 7.99 USD, 8.99 CAD, 6.99 EUR


A new edition of Hodgson's seminal genre-breaking novel, The House on the Borderland is the story of two English Gentlemen vacationing in the loneliest recesses of the Irish countryside, who stumble upon a strange, frantic journal in the scattered ruins of an ancient house clinging desperately to the edge of a forbidding, endless pit that has remained taboo to the suspicious local villagers for generations. It contains the memoires of the former resident, struggling to maintain his sanity as he is besieged by vicious demons, transported forward in time to the end of the universe, and even forced to watch his own death. Bringing readers far beyond the outer reaches of human perception and back with its unique, fluid style of impressionistic, pathological Weird Fiction, it is no small wonder that this is the novel that most strongly influenced H.P. Lovecraft's direction and style.