Our Mission

To consistently provide trendsetting Canadian literature and beautifully restored classics at the lowest possible price, in order to ensure the best value for fellow readers without sacrificing the quality they expect and the amiability they deserve, and to preserve the legacy of timeless works for future generations.

Our Name & Logo

Our name, Prohyptikon, is derived from the Greek root hupos (meaning "secret"), the full name best being translated as "Of the supreme mysteries."

The Prohyptikon Logo, a stylised six-pointed star over a red crescent moon, is a sigil designed after the Sumerian word pap-hal, with the second cuneiform sign enlarged and superimposed over the first; pap-hal has a similar meaning to the Greek root hupos in our name.

Our Environmental Commitment

We have partnered with Canada's leading eco-friendly printer, Webcom Inc., in our continuing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our publications. With smart paper choices, such as their Legacy 100% post-consumer series, we can preserve our natural resources and forests, the quality our customers have come to expect, and the love of reading for generations to come. All of our future titles will be printed on eco-friendly paper, and by 2012, our entire back catalogue will be upgraded to reflect our commitment to the environment.


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